Grace UMC Preschool

Grace Preschool has been in operation for 26 years with  CaraLee Matthews who is a member of Grace UMC serves as Preschool Director for the last 15 years.  We also currently have 71 children enrolled.

Grace Preschool is designed to provide a loving Christian environment in which young children can grow and learn.  The preschool years are the most important years of a child's life; therefore, we strive to provide a safe, comfortable and stimulating environment for your child.

Through many varied experiences, the child can grow in areas of self-esteem, self-control, independence, responsibility and problem solving.  We feel that the teachers, the environment and the activities provided contribute to giving each child a good self-image and make them happy to learn about himself and the world.

Preschoolers learn best through the hands-on experiences of play, social interaction, repetition and curiosity.  Through natural and informal settings there will be opportunities to work on reading readiness skills and numbers concepts.  Social skills and pre-academic skills are both emphasized in the development of a child. Each preshooler is permitted and encouraged to grow and develop individually.

Parents and family memberss are recognized as the primary and most important caregivers in a young child's life.  Our staff members will work with parents and caregivers by continuing to nurture and enhance each child in a warm and loving environment.


Our mission statement

Our mission is to share God's Grace by seeking to meet the spiritual, physical, social, emotional and educational needs of children of the community. We invite them into a life of faith in Christ by providing opportunities for Christian love, fellowship, learning, worship, service and sacrifice.

Preschool age children are continually learning, whether they are at home or in our care.  We invite each family to become partners with us in the daily care and edcuation of thier child.