About Us


Welome to Grace United Methodist Church.  We are located in Clinton, NC, Sampson County.  Grace UMC is the outgrowth of a dream, not limited to Clinton, but encompassing eastern NC Methodism.  The dream was that wherever people lived in sufficient numbers there would be a Methodist Church to serve them.  To fulfill this dream of placing the church near the people, dozens of new Methodist congregations were formed in the decades of the 1950's and 60's.  One of them was Grace United Methodist Church.

On February 3, 1955 the Rev. Ardell F. McClung was appointed by Bishop Paul N. Garber to organize a new Methodist congregation in Clinton. By Prior arrangement of the sponsoring First United Methodist church, the former Powell-Britt Corporation building, opposite the old Clinton airport, was obtained as a temporary home for the new congregation.

On February 14, 49 persons were present for the first service.  From that time forward, weekly Sunday School and Worship services were held.  Attendance increased steadily, and on Sunday April 5, Palm Sunday, Grace United Methodist Church was formally organized by our District Superintendent, The Rev. Howard McLamb, with a total of 69 members. However, the charter membership period was extended through June 1955, at which time a total of 106 members was reported.

In the late spring of 1955, an evening service was begun.  Our Women's Society of  Christian Service, later known as United Methodist Women, came into being in July.  Grace United Methodist Men was organized and weekly meetings of the Methodist Youth Fellowship were begun in the fall.  These organizations still meet today.

A very well located lot was given by First United Methodist Church, Clinton in 1956.  In May of that year, construction was begun on the first unit of our building.  On Sunday August 12, 1956, the first service was held in the new building.

Another dream fulfilled for Grace UMC was the completion of a sanctuary for the glory of God.  The first service was held in the new sanctuary on Sunday November 30, 1980.

From those early years, Grace UMC has grown in membership to a total of 311 reported at the 2013 Annual Conference.  Many dedicated and hard working years have already passed by in fulfilling our dreams for a church that continues to grow both in faith and in ministry.